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reasons why you should become a simplebutcreative influencer


A dedicated account manager will be assigned to you once accepted into our exclusive influencer program. Account Managers are responsible for executing various tasks such as negotiating business deals, making website changes, creating social media materials and more.


We will rep you to the fullest. We got your back just like we got our mama’s back! We take care of our own. Let us handle the boring business stuff while you focus on creating the things you love. Give the tedious stuff to your dedicated Account Manager. He or she will make your life so much easier.


We specialize in product development ranging from physical products to info products. We can create or provide your followers with products they will absolutely love. We don’t mind sharing the revenue! Sharing is caring! We care about your success. Your success is our success.

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Custom Web or Blog Design

Yes! That’s right! As a Simplebutcreative Influencer you get your very own custom website or blog that truly represents your brand. You dream it and we design it into reality. Oh yeah all the techie stuff such as maintenance, updates and security are covered. Just focus on you.

Email Management

We know you’re busy creating content and don’t have time to be replying to business emails. Let us handle it for you. We can sort and respond to potential collaborations in a timely manner.

Think Tank Army

Imagine having your own team of internet marketing strategists behind the scenes constantly improving your social media business. On top of having your own dedicated account manager, you have access to our strategy team for consult on your next million dollar project. We are ready when you are.


the influencer roadmap to becoming a social media mogul



Branding is vital to any business success. It’s your identity! Our team will help you create a unique brand that will elevate your social media business to the next frontier.


Money Making Strategies

Our focus is to increase your revenue by implementing creative monetization strategies that will diversify your social media business for the long haul. We guarantee it!

Join our Exclusive Program.

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How can our agency help infuencers?

Our team is made up of Internet Marketing Strategists specializing in almost all aspect of online marketing. But our main expertise is making money online. The biggest obstacle when launching an online business is traffic (potential customers visiting your website). As a Social Media Influencer that obstacle is almost non-existent! Now the problem is that influencers don’t know how to leverage their social media influence to it’s full potential. Yes! you can sell merchandise and get paid for promos but that’s just scratching the surface. Now this is where we come in! Once accepted into our EXCLUSIVE influencer program, you will have a team of strategists behind the scenes implementing ways to increase your revenue while you keep doing what you’re doing. Let us do the work for you without the fluff. Apply for our influencer program today!

What is an Account Manager?

Once accepted into our program, you’ll be assigned an account manager that will help you with everything you need. Their job is to handle the business and strategy side of your brand and business. This individual will be responsible for handling business negotiations with brands and other entities interested in working with you. You have access to your Account Manager 24/7 through email and phone support. Don’t hesitate to contact your Account Manager if you have any questions, ideas or suggestions.

What does a Youtube Talent Agency do?

Basically, a Youtube Talent Agency is very similar to your traditional talent agency. The only difference between the two is that one agency manages actors, actresses, models, etc. and the other manages individuals or groups that have massive followers on Youtube. Youtube Talent Agency act as a middle booking agent. Their job is to find gigs for the influencer. But most of these agencies just wait for the bookings to come in leveraging the influencer’s network to do the work for them. These type of agencies offer little to no value in cultivating the influencer’s brand reach and finding more ways to generate revenue. It’s a waste of time!

What is an Influencer Marketing Platform?

It’s a platform where influencers and brands can connect to conduct business. Basically, as an influencer you would need to sign up for an account to be added to the platform’s directory. It’s a good way to monetize your social media influence as an influencer. But the issue is that there are more influencers than brands looking for marketing services. Majority of these platforms have a pool of thousands of influencers. Now as an influencer, do you think you’ll be hired on a regular basis? I think you know the answer to that question. Influencers will be in competition with everyone to see who can give the brand the best deal possible.

Do you offer other services?

Our main focus is helping Social Media Influencers grow their brand or business as a whole for the long haul. But we also offer other online services that are vital to all type of businesses. If we’re not busy helping influencers you can catch us designing beautiful websites or blogs, managing social media accounts for businesses, and creating creative marketing campaigns for our clients. You’re in luck! We’re actually accepting new projects. Visit our services page for more information.

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